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Rapper Tim Dog confirmed to have died last year

Tim Dog was dead to begin with. Finally, there is no doubt whatsoever about that. We’ve previously reported on the bizarre circumstances surrounding the apparent demise of the East Coast/West Coast feud participant and online con artist, who reportedly died last year due to a diabetes-related seizure. Those reports, however, were shortly followed by accusations that the “Fuck Compton” rapper, real name Timothy Blair, had faked his own death to get out of paying the $19,000 he owed victims after a 2011 grand larceny conviction. The rumors of this even-longer, Tom Sawyer-esque con were exacerbated by a canceled memorial service, as well as the inability of investigators to discover either a death certificate—or any trace of Blair’s remains. It all culminated in an arrest warrant being issued for the supposedly dead rapper.

The investigation deepened at NBC’s Dateline, whose previous coverage of the grand larceny story clearly makes it the go-to source on Tim Dog’s run-ins with the law (in the unlikely, but admittedly not impossible event that any more ever occur). It announced today that it has discovered Timothy Blair’s death certificate at the Dekalb County, Georgia, Board Of Health. Dateline’s investigation confirmed that the former rapper had not only died, but really most sincerely died, on the previously reported date of Feb. 14, 2013, while in the care of Atlanta Hospice.


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