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Rapper Kodak Black sentenced to 46 months for "making false statements to acquire firearms"

Photo: Scott Dudelson (Getty Images)

No offense to singles like “Zeze” and “Tunnel Vision,” but the criminal history of rapper Kodak Black is arguably a lot more exciting than his discography; since turning 18 in 2015, the Dying To Live artist has racked up a truly spectacular listing of child endangerment, sexual assault, drug, violence, and weapons charges, many of them broadcast on Instagram for the convenience of both fans and law enforcement officials alike. Which is why it’s kind of bizarre to report that Kodak Black is going to jail for nearly four years today, for lying while filling out a form.

Now, admittedly: Said form was about buying guns, and the crime in question was, essentially, denying being Kodak Black while doing so. More specifically, Black answered “no” to a question indicating “that he was not under indictment or information in any court for a felony, or any other crime for which the judge could imprison him for more than one year,” when he totally was, because he’s currently out on bond on a pending sexual assault trial reaching back to 2016. Black has mixed prison life with recording life in pretty even measures over the last few years, actually, including one multi-month stint for violating a separate house arrest order, and another for charges related to a social media live-stream in which guns and marijuana were passed around a small child. (Black pleaded no contest to many of those charges; he reportedly got his GED while serving that particular latter block of time.)


Per Pitchfork, the rapper was reportedly facing as many as 10 years in jail on charges of lying about his criminal history while trying to purchase guns, with a judge having previously revoked his bail on the charges on the grounds that his desire to own firearms while being Kodak Black pretty much de facto makes him a danger to the community. He was initially arrested on the charges while on his way to the Rolling Loud festival back in May.

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