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Rapper Heems to turn Eat Pray Thug into a sitcom for Fox

Illustration for article titled Rapper Heems to turn iEat Pray Thug /iinto a sitcom for Fox

Apparently realizing that Eat Pray Thug is just too high on the “hip-hop albums that are also puns about Elizabeth Gilbert books” food chain to exist as a single, solitary thing (a problem also faced by the sadly fictitious The Signature Of All Blings), former Das Racist rapper Heems has teamed up with Fresh Off The Boat producer Sanjay Shah to develop a TV show using the title. The series, granted a script commitment from Fox, would star Pitch Perfects Utkarsh Ambudkar as an Indian-American rapper who, like Heems, lives with his parents in Queens.


Heems released Eat Pray Thug—which we guess we’re going to have to append The Album to from now on, to distinguish it from Eat Pray Thug: The TV Show or Eat Pray Thug: The Multimedia App Experience—earlier this year, to moderate critical praise; it was the rapper’s first album since Das Racist disbanded in 2012. Shah, meanwhile, is a prolific sitcom producer; he currently serves as an executive producer on Fresh Off The Boat, and previously worked on Cougar Town, Enlisted, and King Of The Hill.

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