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Illustration for article titled Rapper gets too close to snake, snake-based consequences ensue
Photo: DEA / BORLETTI/De Agostini (Getty Images)

An unfortunate reptile was forced to get a mouthful of Lil Pump this week, after an animal scene in one of the rapper’s music videos apparently went awry. Pump—probably best known for his song “Gucci Gang,” and also for that time he got completely fucked up by a snake, right now—posted a video of the incident on his Instagram, presumably in an effort to draw more herpetology fetishists to his social media presence.


In the video, you can see the agitated animal respond the way any living creature would when exposed to living provocation that is Lil Pump, ultimately sinking its fangs into his hand. The rapper doesn’t appear to be harmed or poisoned or anything in the aftermath—the animal either wasn’t venomous, or possibly had its venom sacs removes—although given how often Pump raps about enjoying any number of illicit and illegal substances, someone might want to give that poor snake a tox screen in the aftermath of the incident.

[via Uproxx]

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