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Rapper Freddie Gibbs—whose 2014 Madlib collaboration, Piñata, earned him widespread acclaim and a reputation as a rising star in the rap world—has been arrested in France, in connection with an alleged rape that occurred in Austria in 2015. According to French newspaper La Depeche, Gibbs was arrested on Thursday night, shortly before he was set to play a show in Toulouse, France. He’s reportedly in the process of being extradited back to Austria, in accordance with a warrant issued there for his arrest.

Details on the case are light—and what’s out there is in French—but Gibbs’ attorney has issued a statement denying the allegations. “Freddie Gibbs adamantly denies the allegations that have been levied against him by Austrian authorities,” it begins. “It makes you wonder why it took almost a year for Austrian officials to bring these charges. Freddie will be fighting the extradition request as these are nothing more than trumped up charges.” Gibbs has canceled his upcoming shows in response to the arrest.

[Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly said Gibbs was preparing to perform in Paris, not Toulouse.]

[via Pitchfork]