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Grammy-nominated rapper DaBaby, who is mostly known for his spirited performance style and relentlessly fun music videos, was arrested in Miami Thursday night on a battery charge. The arrest stems from an altercation between the “Bop” artist, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, and a music promoter over payment. After the arrest, officials learned of an active warrant in Texas and held him in custody without bail.

According to Miami-Dade PD, Kirk approached the unidentified promoter at his hotel regarding an agreement to perform at Cafe Iguana in Pembroke Pines. The promoter claims to have given Kirk $30,000 for the performance, but was then confronted by the rapper after he claimed to have only received $20,000. The discrepancy led to Kirk allegedly punching the promoter in the face while members of Kirk’s entourage attacked him and another victim. The promoter also claims that one of them reached into his pocket and took his iPhone, credit card, and $80 in cash while another drenched him in apple juice. Per the police report, Kirk and company fled the scene and returned three hours later, where they were identified by the victims and promptly arrested. Kirk denies any involvement and as of now remains in custody.


This comes a week after another run-in that Kirk had with law enforcement, in North Carolina. The artist claims that he was wrongfully searched and charged with two misdemeanor citations for marijuana possession.

[Via ABC News]


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