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Ransom's house from Knives Out is for sale, nice sweaters not included

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Screenshot: Knives Out (YouTube)

$1.4 million is a lot of money. You could buy a lot of protective equipment with that money. Or some really nice sweaters—like, a lot of really nice sweaters. In the unlikely event that you’ve got that kind of cash to just throw around, and you’re in the market for a new home (let’s be real: if you have that kind of money, you probably already have a couple of homes), you might consider buying this newly-listed, very expensive-looking property featured in Boston magazine. It’s not just any glass case of a house: it’s the house owned by Ransom Drysdale, the handsome sweater-shaped man played by Chris Evans in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out.

The house, which was briefly featured in the Oscar-nominated whodunit, is selling for a meager $1.4 million. Here’s a rather flowery description from Boston magazine:

Walk into the living area yourself and you’ll see the red brick fireplace that Ana de Armas sat in front of, and the retro glass block wall that Evans sat by, sporting yet another crew-neck sweater (this one is blue, also very nice). You’ll also appreciate the gloriously open layout, with open shelving partitioning off the long kitchen and a floating cedar staircase that leads upstairs.


The home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which seems kind of sparse for something that costs $1.4 million. And it doesn’t even come with any chunky knit sweaters, which is egregious. Like, throwing a few sweaters in the closet is literally the least you could do to make this property attractive enough to warrant spending two lifetimes worth of money. Get out of here, house. And don’t come back until you’ve got some sweaters.

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