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Rankin/Bass meets Mama Cass in a groovy stop-motion mashup

Who knew that Mrs. Claus was such a soulful gal? While the basis for this mashup seems to be just the rhyming convention between the two sources, it ends up producing a fun video that actually works to tell a story. YouTube user Mattabie took the song “Words Of Love” as performed by The Mamas & The Papas (lead singer, Mama Cass) and cued it up with clips from such stop-motion classics as Mad Monster Party, A Year Without Santa Claus, and others (i.e. works by Rankin/Bass Productions). The Mama Cass meets Rankin/Bass connection is tenuous, until you see Mrs. Claus singing along, or Dracula getting spurned by his intended victim, and realize it all works far better than it should.

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