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Randy Quaid will also turn his paranoia and massive ego into a live show

The race to become 2011’s most famous living meme has officially become a dead heat between Charlie Sheen and Randy Quaid, as the latter has announced his own live stage show taking place April 22 at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, a city that—having recently hosted the debut of Quaid’s theme song “Star Whackers”—is fast on its way to becoming the Quaids’ own personal Branson, Missouri. As with Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo Of Truth” tour, the main attraction of “An Evening With The Quaids” will be a live Q&A with Randy and Evi Quaid (which will likely consist of several variations on the word “Really?”), in addition to a screening of 2008’s Quaid-starring Real Time on a double bill with a workprint of Evi’s still-in-progress “documentary” Star Whackers.

We put “documentary” in quotes, seeing as the film is more accurately an “avant garde cash cow docudrama,” it “stars Randy Quaid in three roles,” and is described as “highly experimental with nudity, adult language and content throughout,” suggesting that it may take some poetic license with the facts, such as they are. Below is the flyer image, which should make Sheen jealous that he didn’t think of wearing a bikini and a cowboy hat and flipping off the camera first; maybe then he wouldn’t have had so much trouble moving tickets. [via THR]


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