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Randy Jackson given one more chance to do his thing on American Idol

No sooner did Randy Jackson's tenure as American Idol's main dawg seem to meet its end, with Jackson wrapped in a brightly colored cardigan and buried in the Idol backyard as a "mentor," it seems he's back on the panel that has become such a hotly contested celebrity turf war. Both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter say that a recent offer to Enrique Iglesias fell apart, leaving the network to return to Randy since "it already had an option on Jackson," and since Jackson is not easily humiliated. "That was just a'ight for me," Jackson said of Fox's very public, embarrassing attempts to rid the show of him in favor of someone more interesting, only to settle for keeping him on solely out of convenience. "Yo," he added. The network is now expected to unveil its officially locked-down Idol panel of Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, and Jackson sometime this week, at which point they can all move on to listening to non-famous people try to sing or whatever.


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