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Random dumbass sucker-flying-jump-kicks an unimpressed Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg (Getty Images)

If there’s a downside to having spent the vast majority of your life embodying a certain ideal of human physicality—as Arnold Schwarzenegger pretty demonstrably has, regardless of your feelings on that particular, hyper-muscular image—it’s that there’s always some dumb motherfucker out there who (to paraphrase the great philosopher, Blade) is going to try to ice skate uphill by picking a fight. Case in point: A video from South Africa this morning, in which Schwarzenegger was interrupted during his all-important Snapchat time by some rando who decided to launch a sudden flying-jump-kick into the back of the politician and action star.


We’ll be honest here: We’re having trouble extrapolating the thought process that led to this particular moment, which saw the attacker get taken down with a swiftness by Schwarzenegger’s team. Was he angry at Arnold for a lifetime of failed Presidential Fitness Tests? (We don’t think those are even a thing in South Africa!) Excited to show him his form? (It seemed kind of sloppy to us.) Was he the world’s worst requester of a simple hug? Truly, the mind boggles.

In any case, Schwarzenegger is fine; in the video, he can be seen quickly resuming his spot at the Arnold Classic Africa. He later tweeted out assurances that he was unfazed by the sucker-flying-kick, asking fans to focus on the young athletes performing at the event nstead.

[per TMZ]


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