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Ramsay Bolton's feathered bangs star in the trailer for Netflix's Mötley Crüe biopic

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The Dirt is one of the filthiest, nastiest, and most gut-roiling rock biographies ever written, depicting hair-metal icons Mötley Crüe as a gang of enterprising, idiotic sex maniacs who should’ve died at least 15 times by now. But, while the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of the book looks like it touches on a number of the band’s darkest moments, it nevertheless looks like it’s been filtered through the same music biopic machine that turned Bohemian Rhapsody into an unfunny version of Walk Hard. Honestly, any biopic that’s got the full endorsement of its subject—Mötley Crüe is sharing four brand new songs in conjunction with the film, FYI—probably isn’t very good.

Still, it rules seeing see Game Of ThronesIwan Rheon with feathered bangs, and The Punisher’s Daniel Webber, who plays Vince Neil, is charismatic as hell. We’re less excited about Machine Gun Kelly’s turn as Tommy Lee, especially after the dude’s try-hard turn in Bird Box, but at least he knows how to drum? Also, Pete Davidson’s in a wig that’s got us echoing Ariana Grande.


Jackass alum Jeff Tremaine directed the film, which lands on Netflix on March 22.

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