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Rampage director claims his movie will be scarier than the arcade game


There isn’t a whole lot going on in the original Rampage arcade game. It’s about a monkey, a wolf, and a lizard that get transformed into giant monsters, and then they start smashing buildings and eating people until the military manages to kill them. It’s not exactly Midway Games’ Citizen Kane—that honor goes to Cruis’n USA, obviously—but apparently there’s still enough there for Hollywood to justify making it into a movie.

That being said, Rampage director Brad Peyton doesn’t want anyone going in with preconceived notions about what a Rampage movie has to be. Speaking with We Got This Covered (via Collider), he explained that Rampage will be “a lot more emotional, a lot scarier, and a lot more real than you’d expect.” Considering that the original game is not emotional, scary, or real at all, that won’t be a tough hurdle for him to get over. He also notes that it will have “horror elements,” but it will still be “a monster movie at the core.”


Rampage will star Dwayne Johnson, who recently appeared in Peyton’s San Andreas, and the director says he’s “so excited” to work with him again. In that movie, Johnson played a man who does a terrible job saving people from earthquakes (unless they’re his immediate family), so hopefully he won’t wast any time trying to rescue people in Rampage.

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