(Photos: Mike Marsland/Getty Images, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Ensuring that there’s at least a bit of authentic, Grade-A Great Britain in Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s upcoming Holmes And Watson, Variety reports that certified British people Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Laurie have both joined the comedy’s cast. It’s not clear what roles the two actors will be playing, although it’s easy to imagine any number of contrasting scenarios between their quiet English dignity, and Ferrell and Reilly’s bumbling stabs at detection. (To be fair, we don’t know that the two actors will be playing the famous literary detectives as dim-witted goofballs, but it seems like a pretty safe deduction to make.)

Fiennes—who plays stalwart butler Alfred in the upcoming Lego Batman—hasn’t had an on-camera role since last year’s Hail, Caesar!, when he co-starred in our favorite movie scene of 2016. Laurie, meanwhile, has been spending his time on TV, treading familiar “cranky doctor” territory as the lead in Hulu’s recent psychological thriller Chance.