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Raise questions about yourself and the world around you with a Wookiee sex line

With all of the cross-promotional tie-ins for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, plus the never-ending pantheon of various kinks and fetishes, this video for a Wookiee phone sex line is almost believable. It turns out, though, that it’s the work of comedy group Live From Mars, who has managed to turn in a pretty funny if slightly disturbing video promoting its sexy Wookiee hotline.

“Lucky” viewers have seen other Wookiees before, whether it’s the army at Kashyyyk during Revenge Of The Sith, or those who bore witness to Itchy, Lumpy, and the rest of the Chewbacca clan in that cursed holiday special. Well, Wookiees have never looked like this before (outside of a Deviantart page). The video is well done with just the right amount of soft focus, bad lighting, and terrible saxophone, and is part of Live From Mars’ extended Star Wars Infomercial project.

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