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Radiohead teases OK Computer’s 20th anniversary with cryptic video

Ever since fans started noticing strange, seemingly Radiohead-related posters popping up in cities around the world, rumors have been swirling about the band’s plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of OK Computer, which is coming up on May 21. Although nothing has been confirmed just yet, a strange new video posted on the band’s official Twitter account seems to mark the next step toward some kind of announcement.


Made to look like an ’80s computer loading a program—specifically, a program called “radiohead”—the video is narrated by a scratchy recording of a little girl reciting lyrics from “Climbing Up The Walls,” one of OK Computer’s more sinister tracks. Aside from some stray bits of text, that’s all there is to go on from this tease. But Radiohead is no stranger to lengthy, cryptic marketing campaigns, so chances are this is just the beginning.

[via Pitchfork]

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