(Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

There’s been a push in recent years for the elder statesmen of alt-music—your Trent Reznors or your Jonny Greenwoods, say—to slide into the world of film score composing, applying skills honed through years of meticulous album work and touring toward big emotional movie moments in films like The Social Network or There Will Be Blood. Now, Greenwood’s long-time Radiohead collaborator, drummer Philip Selway, is getting in on the game, composing the soundtrack for the upcoming drama Let Me Go.

Directed by Polly Steele, the film is based on Helga Schneider’s memoir of the same name, about Schneider struggling with learning that her mother was a guard in a German concentration camp. Selway’s soundtrack for the film—described in a press release as “otherworldly” and “jagged”— will arrive on October 27; outside his work with Radiohead, Selway is also responsible for two other full albums of material, 2010’s Familial and 2014’s Weatherhouse.