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Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool is available now

After getting teased more than a nerd at recess, Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool is finally available on the digital download service of your choice (or at least iTunes, Google Play, and the official Radiohead website). Over the last week, the band sent creepy stuff to fans in the mail, faded away from the internet like Marty McFly, and then actually put out some videos, but now Thom Yorke and the rest of the Radioheads have stopped goofing around and given all of us exactly what we want: more Radiohead music to buy/brag about not buying so we can act like we’re too cool for it.

The album is titled A Moon Shaped Pool, with its lack of a hyphen suggesting that it’s about a thing named Pool that was shaped by a moon (as opposed to a pool shaped like a moon), and though the digital version is available now, the CD and vinyl versions will be released on June 17. However, for Radiohead-heads who like their albums a little fancier, there’s a Special Edition that includes the album on vinyl and CD, as well as two extra tracks, 32 pages of art, and a little piece of tape from one of the band’s master recordings. As the official site explains, the tape contains less than a second of audio and it could be “from any era in the band’s recording past going back to Kid A.”


The album art and previously released videos for A Moon Shaped Pool are below, along with Radiohead’s upcoming tour dates.

Radiohead Tour 2016

May 20-21—Heineken Music Hall—Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 23-24—Le Zenith—Paris, France

May 26-28—Roundhouse—London, England

June 1—Les Nuits Des Fourvieres—Lyon, France

June 3—Primavera Sound—Barcelona, Spain

June 17—Secret Solstice—Reyjkavik, Iceland

July 2—Open Air—St. Gallen, Switzerland

July 8—Nos Alive Festival—Lisbon, Portugal

July 26-27—Madison Square Garden—New York, NY

July 29-31—Osheaga Music And Arts Festival—Montreal, Canada

August 4, August 8—Shrine Auditorium—Los Angeles

August 20—Summersonic Festival—Osaka, Japan

August 21—Summersonic Festival—Tokyo, Japan

September 11—Lollapalooza Festival—Berlin, Germany

October 3-4—Palacio de los Deportes—Mexico City, Mexico

October 7-9—Austin City Limits—Austin, TX

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