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Radiohead releases another Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video

(Image: "The Numbers" video)

Before Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool had even been formally announced, rumors began to take shape about There Will Be Blood and Inherent Vice director Paul Thomas Anderson directing a video for the band. That turned out to be “Daydreaming,” a video featuring Thom Yorke walking through a series of doorways into unconnected rooms and hallways like that guy from whichever Matrix movie that was. But then Radiohead released a second video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, “Present Tense,” which dropped the dreamy reality-bending stuff of the first video for a more low-concept clip of Yorke and guitarist Jonny Greenwood simply playing the song.

Now, Radiohead is back again with another video directed by Anderson, which is making us think that this just might be a thing now. Every few months until the end of time, we’ll get a new Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video of Yorke and Greenwood playing a song, and eventually we’ll all start marking time by which Radiohead video was released most recently. Until then, here’s a video for “The Numbers”:

[via Cigarettes And Red Vines]


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