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Radiohead is now fading from the internet

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Suggesting that the members of Radiohead recently went back in time and accidentally prevented their parents from getting together, the band is now slowly fading from existence—on the internet, at least. Just yesterday, we reported that Radiohead was teasing something by mailing mildly creepy leaflets to fans in the U.K., with internet people later theorizing that the whole thing was pointing toward some kind of Radiohead-related thing happening today.


Nothing particularly enlightening has happened yet, but Pitchfork is reporting that Radiohead’s website mysteriously faded away this morning, leaving behind just a blank, white webpage. The band’s entire Twitter feed and Facebook page have also been wiped out, as well as its Google+ profile (but it could’ve been like that for years and nobody would’ve noticed, so it could be unrelated). Thom Yorke has also deleted all of the tweets from his personal profile, depriving the world of his answers to old @Midnight hashtag games or whatever.

We still have no idea what all of this is about, but Radiohead is definitely either up to something or being erased from history due to a time paradox. If it’s the latter, we’ll soon forget all about Radiohead—and not just The King Of Limbs, but Kid A and OK Computer as well. If it’s the former, Radiohead will probably announce something soon…and then we might all forget about The King Of Limbs anyway.