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Radiohead freaking everybody out

Okay, so we already posted this Radiohead news this morning (as did everyone in the known universe). But here's an update: If you read the fine print of this Billboard article, you'll find that the band's new album In Rainbows will be available as a conventional, hard-copy CD sometime in the new year. As we already know, a deluxe, $80 version of the record will be available on December 3, 2007, and October 10 will be the controversial "pay whatever you want" release date of the album's download from this website. The band's decision to release In Rainbows in such an unconventional way has caused plenty of raised eyebrows and wrung hands since its announcement this morning–including this NME article in which the future of Radiohead's chart eligibility is questioned. (We're sure the band is shaking in its shoes.)

Not-entirely-useless factoid learned while "researching" this Newswire post: As NME also reported today, The Charlatans UK will be releasing their next album as a free download via Xfm. Nothing snarky to add. The Charlatans are sweet.


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