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Radiohead creates a new company, probably has a new album ready

Consequence Of Sound is reporting that the members of Radiohead have filed paperwork to form a new company together. On its own, that wouldn’t be all that interesting—we don’t write a Newswire every time Kanye West files for a small business loan (although, given his high-minded business ideas, maybe we actually should)—except for a pattern spotted by some of the band’s eagle-eyed fans, suggesting that the legal filing might be the lead-up to something big. You see, Radiohead’s members have created companies twice before in the last decade, and both times, it happened roughly three months before the band released their latest album. (The group members founded Xurbia Xendless Ltd. in 2007, shortly before In Rainbows, and Ticker Tape Ltd. just ahead of 2011’s The King Of Limbs.)

We’ve known for a while that Radiohead was close to releasing something new; guitarist Johnny Greenwood said as much back in October, before getting his foot stamped on by an annoyed Thom Yorke on Twitter. But if history holds true, the October filing for Dawn Chorus LLP—a company whose shared name with a song Thom Yorke mentioned he was working on back in 2009 probably isn’t a coincidence—suggests the band’s ninth album might soon be on its way.


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