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Radiohead announces OK Computer remaster featuring 3 unreleased songs

Radiohead, circa 1997 (Photo: Jim Steinfeldt/Getty Images)

Well, that didn’t take long. One day after sending fans into a tizzy with a creepy video that appeared to be teasing some kind of 20th anniversary celebration for OK Computer, Radiohead has revealed a new release of its momentous 1997 album. Alongside the record’s original 12 tracks, it’ll include eight non-album B-sides and, most excitingly, three unreleased songs from the OK Computer era that have reached near-mythical status among fans: “I Promise,” “Lift,” and “Man Of War” (a.k.a. “Big Boots”). All 23 of the included songs have been remastered from original analog tapes.

The OK Computer 20th Anniversary “Boxed Edition” (Photo: Radiohead)

The special remaster won’t be shipping until the summer, but you can preorder it now from the band’s website. It’ll be released in several flavors, including a special $130 “Boxed Edition,” which comes with a hardcover art book, a 104-page replica of Thom Yorke’s notebook from the recording sessions, 48 pages worth of sketches from Yorke and longtime Radiohead illustrator Stanley Donwood, and a cassette tape containing recordings “taken from OK Computer session archives and demo tapes.” All of that, along with the remastered album and bonus tracks on three LPs, comes packaged inside “a black box emblazoned with a dark image of a burned copy of OK Computer.” And if tchotchkes aren’t your thing, you can get the remaster on a plain old triple-LP vinyl release or two CDs. A digital version will also be available for purchase in June.

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