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Radiohead may be back from hiatus, but that doesn’t mean Thom Yorke and friends will be playing Peoria any time soon. The band released a new batch of 2016 tour dates today, adding European and North American headlining shows to its European festival dates announced back in January. That means that Radiohead will indeed be playing live in the U.S. for the first time in four years, something that was hinted at pretty heavily the last time Radiohead press releases were going around. The American shows are only in New York and Los Angeles, though, so maybe start planning a road trip if you live in flyover country.


Or maybe not: The release notes that “together with the previously announced festival dates (and a few more to follow), [these shows] complete the band’s touring schedule for 2016.” This would seem to support the theory that Radiohead may be headlining this year’s Lollapalooza festival, which conveniently happens to take place both temporally (July 28-31) and geographically (Chicago) between the band’s New York and LA shows. The tour schedule does say that Radiohead will be in Montreal from July 29 to July 31 to play the Osheaga Music And Arts Festival, but that’s just one day, and listing all three may be a diversionary tactic from a band with a demonstrated fondness for cryptic breadcrumb trails. Or maybe the release is hinting at another festival altogether. Yet another case for the Young Radiohead Fan Junior Detectives Society!

Tickets for most of Radiohead’s headlining shows will go on sale this coming Friday, March 18, at 10 AM local time (except for Mexico City, which goes on sale Wednesday, March 16 at 11 AM).


Radiohead Tour 2016

May 20-21—Heineken Music Hall—Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 23-24—Le Zenith—Paris, France

May 26-28—Roundhouse—London, England

June 1—Les Nuits Des Fourvieres—Lyon, France

June 3—Primavera Sound—Barcelona, Spain

June 17—Secret Solstice—Reyjkavik, Iceland

July 2—Open Air—St. Gallen, Switzerland

July 8—Nos Alive Festival—Lisbon, Portugal

July 26-27—Madison Square Garden—New York, NY

July 29-31—Osheaga Music And Arts Festival—Montreal, Canada

August 4, August 8—Shrine Auditorium—Los Angeles

August 20—Summersonic Festival—Osaka, Japan

August 21—Summersonic Festival—Tokyo, Japan

September 11—Lollapalooza Festival—Berlin, Germany

October 3-4—Palacio de los Deportes—Mexico City, Mexico


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