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The release of Radioactivity’s debut album may have technically been an introduction, but for fans of The Marked Men it was anything but. Considering the group was formed by Jeff Burke of The Marked Men and The Potential Johns, Radioactivity’s songwriting was familiar to those that had followed Burke’s career throughout Texas’ garage-punk scene. Pair this with the fact that Burke’s foil in The Marked Men, Mark Ryan, joined the band only to have the act rounded out by members of Bad Sports, and Radioactivity quickly became the manifestation of Denton, Texas’ long-standing punk scene. Radioactivity’s follow-up, Silent Kill, is officially out today courtesy of Dirtnap Records, and The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Silent.” The video sees the band barraging passengers on a bus with their buzzsaw guitars, though they all seem a little too tied up to notice. Director Jon Lancaric describes it as such: “On a charter bus bound for nowhere in particular, a band of musicians do all they can to catch an ear. But is anyone listening? Or are we all just invisible to one another, imagining what our dreams might be like but not really living them?”

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