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Radical party dude Kenny G now has his own liquor brand

(Photo: Getty Images, Taylor Hill)

Nothing goes together better than good tunes and good booze, and very few people make better tunes for a totally killer party than smooth jazz superstar Kenny G. So, it seems like a perfect fit that Kenny G has now teamed up with liquor brand Hana Gin, becoming a co-owner of the “artisan spirit” label in the process. That comes from a press release, and while Kenny G and gin might not actually make for a totally killer party, sometimes you just have to chill out, listen to a guy rock some tunes on a soprano saxophone, and sip on some delicious, gin-based beverages.

This isn’t just a boring behind-the-scenes partnership, though, as the press release also says that Hana Gin will soon be introducing a “special Kenny G cocktail series” that will be available at the “legendary national and international jazz venues” that Kenny G visits while touring. These will include the delightfully named “Kenny G&T,” which adds some orange flavors to the traditional gin and tonic. You can see a photo of the Kenny G&T below, and if you listen to a Kenny G song while looking at the picture, you can almost capture the full experience.

(Photo: Hana Gin)

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