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Radar Online is making a syndicated talk show

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As popular as the Internet is, today’s youths are pretty much over its endless caverns of knowledge and pornography. Like the newspaper and the radio, it’s still embraced by some people, but the cooler members of society are all abandoning it. These days, it’s all about television. Why read something on a computer/phone/wrist-mounted device of some kind when you can watch people talk about something on TV instead? TMZ has a show, Facebook is getting a show, and now—according to Deadline—celebrity gossip website Radar Online is getting show. At this rate, maybe The A.V. Club will get a show!

But no, that would be terrible. Radar Online is making the jump to TV, though, so let’s go back to that. The series will be a “daily syndicated show” that is based on the website, and it will reportedly offer “a fresh perspective on the newsmagazine and celebrity format” of shows like Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition, but with the “personality” of E!’s Chelsea Lately. In other words, someone probably pitched the tagline “this ain’t your mother’s celebrity gossip show” in a meeting at some point, and it was—thankfully—rejected. Based on the front page of Radar Online‘s website, there will be lots of talk about whoever Teresa Giudice is, as well as constant references to the band Dawes. Wait, no, that would be a different website’s TV show.

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