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"Racist Euphemism Headline Generator" allows you to avoid calling Donald Trump, noted racist, a racist

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Donald Trump is racist. He says racist things, he enacts racist policies, and he excuses other people’s racism. And yet, after almost an entire presidential term, much of the media doesn’t want to call him a “racist” without at least qualifying the term so much that it becomes completely toothless. After the latest round of his impossible-to-ignore, totally clear racism, which saw Trump telling American congresswomen to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” many publications still, somehow, dug around in the obsfucation bucket to find novel ways to avoid directly calling the racist president’s racist actions, well, racist.

To help these outlets continue the noble work of continuously narrowing the definitions of what kind of horrible shit they’re willing to call racist, The Daily Show With Trevor Noah has unveiled a tool sure to be invaluable in many a cowardly newsroom: the Trump Racist Euphemism Headline Generator.


The generator provides plenty of great new ways to avoid addressing Trump’s racist behavior in any way that would actually matter, coming up with furtive descriptions suitable to describe whatever horrorshow his administration dreams up next.

As The Daily Show’s Matt Negrin shows, the tool sure does what it says on the tin.


Although it doesn’t automatically create ways to pass off accusations of racism through second-hand sources and carefully applied, “neutral” quotation marks, a few other examples show that the generator is very good at its own specific brand of skirting the issue.


The tool is a real coward’s delight, offering a boon to any publication whose dog-eared thesaurus is running out of new words. It’s also perfectly suited to any of the president’s supporters getting tired of racking their grubby brains for ways to defend indefensible speeches and policies lest they, god forbid, “show ‘weakness’” in the face of adversity.


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