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Rachel McAdams tries on a new identity in exclusive Anne Of Green Gables clip

Photo: Audible

Rachel McAdams is an incredibly talented actress who nonetheless occasionally wishes she were someone else. Okay, so that’s really just for the purposes of her narration for the Anne Of Green Gables audiobook that was released today, but she’s damn convincing. The A.V. Club is sharing this exclusive Audible clip of McAdams’ recording of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic children’s novel about the titular orphan, who’d rather be known by any other name than her own, even if it is Anne with an “e.”


As Anne, McAdams breathlessly asks to be called “Cordelia,” possibly because the 11-year-old hadn’t yet read King Lear. She was also as unhappy with her given name as her freckles and red hair, which are two things McAdams doesn’t have to worry about. But the Oscar-nominated actress still found the character, who’s a cherished heroine for many, very relatable while growing up, which is something she notes in this behind-the-scenes look.

Anne Of Green Gables is available to Audible subscribers, including new converts.

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