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After weeks in which the producers of True Detective considered every single female with more weight than its entire first season did, Variety reports that they have narrowed the search at last to Rachel McAdams. She’s said to have received an offer to shake off her own dreary rom-com rut and kick off the McAdasaince, joining the show alongside the already-confirmed Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. Meanwhile, the similarly long-rumored, similarly long-suffering Taylor Kitsch is “expected” to take the fourth lead in a season that offers twice the career redemption and doubles down on deep character flaws.


Farrell, McAdams, and Kitsch would play the detectives on the tail of Vaughn’s crime boss, combining forces to form the prettiest cop trio since Charlie’s Angels. Anyway, an official HBO confirmation is still forthcoming, along with an official character name to rival the torn-between-two-sides “Ray Velcoro” in its literal translation of McAdams’ persona, such as Detective Shasta Proveherself.

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