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Rachel Dratch tramples over “Margot Robbie’s Moment”

Screenshot: TruTV

Billy Eichner’s Billy On The Street on TruTV is a show like no other: A “man on the street” setup in which the super-energized host accosts pedestrians and gets celebrities to do any number of outlandish things. Of all the trivia contests and timed quizzes he puts famous people through, though, his obstacle courses may be the most arduous. Rachel Dratch, who previously survived courses devoted to subjects like Julia Roberts and Scientology, is back for another beating as she has to trek through how to “Escape Margot Robbie’s Moment.”

The absurd yet strenuous contest involves such events as crawling through Martin Scorsese’s eyebrows, dumping a giant red solo cup on a fake Jimmy Fallon in a talk-show maze, and performing N.W.A.’s “Fuck The Police” in a lip-sync battle. Dratch, as always, is a game contestant even as Eichner screams at her to climb to the top of a Vanity Fair cover that’s “like Mount Rushmore if Teddy Roosevelt was replaced by Michael B. Jordan!” She frantically escape Conan’s set before getting caught in a promo for Angie Tribeca, and runs from the Hailee Steinfeld stand-in on her tail before blessedly reaching the end.

As always on Billy On The Street, the fun of the course belies the complexity of it: Who designed this intricate labyrinth? How did the show find someone who can dance exactly like Ellen? What is Robbie’s upcoming A.A. Milne project, which Eichner sarcastically calls a “barn-burner”? Dratch triumphantly defeats every obstacle in her path. But Robbie herself may still be the champion at selling the collapsing housing market while sipping champagne in a bathtub.


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