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Rachel Dratch fans out there have been waiting for the Saturday Night Live alum to get her due for a long time. Sure, she’s had some good drop-in parts and a handful of funny cameos, but overall, Dratch has yet to land a part worthy of her considerable comedic talents. (The unaired 30 Rock pilot where she played Jenna doesn’t count.) So it’s good news that Dratch has joined the pilot of the promising-looking NBC pilot Lady Friends, the brainchild of The New Adventures Of Old Christine’s Kari Lizer.


TV Guide reports that Dratch will play one of a group of—you guessed it—lady friends. 2 Broke Girls’ Scott Ellis is directing the pilot of the show, which centers on an Odd Couple-like pairing of best friends: One’s a mess and the other “seems to have the perfect life.” Dratch’s character, Lisa, is a friend that the mess portion of the equation keeps around because her life is in even greater shambles. Dratch played falling apart pretty well in her SNL days, so this could do well for her… assuming it’s more than just a revamped “Debbie Downer.”

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