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Rachel Bloom shares her thoughts on that "beef" with Neil Patrick Harris

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

Rachel Bloom fans know that the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star has been a reliably delightful part of the Tony Awards since last year, but during Sunday’s broadcast of the 2018 ceremony, Neil Patrick Harris got on Twitter to ask who she was and why they kept showing her. Bloom responded with a devastating beatdown, informing Harris that they’ve actually met “numerous times” and that her husband was writer on How I Met Your Mother for five years. Harris later responded with a weird non-apology, making him look even worse. Today, GQ has published a profile on Bloom that touches on Harris’ tweet, which she says initially made her feel “kind of devastated.”


Bloom says her first response was to tell Harris that he had made her sad, but she didn’t want to “give him that, necessarily.” She correctly notes that it was “just bizarre” that he wouldn’t recognize or even “Google it,” so she just flatly told him who she was. Bloom says that a lot of famous people think every “random, unformed thought is a gem” because they have millions of Twitter followers and each post gets 10,000 likes, and so she hopes that she can avoid ever surrounding herself with the kind of “yes-men” who tell her that even her bad thoughts are good. If she ever got famous enough to have as many Twitter followers as Neil Patrick Harris, Bloom says she would “be just kind of… a person first, and a famous person second.”

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