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Rachel Bloom, Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, and more sing out against Trump

Screenshot: Funny Or Die

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator and star Rachel Bloom has corralled a group of comedians and famous people—including Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Amber Rose, Sean Patrick Thomas, Felicia Day, Paul Scheer, and a bunch more—for a very funny, very specific anti-Trump, pro-Clinton music video called “HOLY SH*T (You’ve Got to Vote).” The song relentlessly criticizes the very notion of a celebrity get-out-the-vote campaign, but still manages to get a bunch of granular, accurate critiques in—not just of Trump’s neo-authoritarian, xenophobic politics, but of America’s entire cultural dialogue.


HOLY SH*T (You’ve Got To Vote) from Funny Or Die

This isn’t Bloom’s first foray into sociopolitical musical comedy. She’s previously tackled Disney’s rose-tinted view of history with “Historically Accurate Disney Princess,” and is the author of the educational—and passionate—“Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury.” While both of those are extremely worth your time, as this song reminds us, “Donald Trump is human syphilis, and we could be the antidote,” and that will only happen if you vote. So before you watch any of those, make sure you’re ready to do so here.

[via Vulture]

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