Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, and Rachel Bloom (Photos: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.; Robert Voets/The CW

Setting up what’s hopefully an even bigger crossover event where all the fictional musicians from CW shows collide in a cross-dimensional battle of the bands, BuzzFeed reports that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom has contributed a song to The CW’s upcoming musical team-up. Joining with her former Robot Chicken colleague Tom Root, Bloom penned the tune “Superfriends,” which, not to doubt Bloom and Root’s talents or anything, will have to work super hard to best the original Superfriends theme song.

“I am so excited to contribute more to the upward trend that is musicals in television and film,” Bloom told BuzzFeed about “Superfriends.” “Music can be one of the most amazing and efficient forms of storytelling and character development. Also, it was really fun to write a comedy song for two superheroes.”


Following up his report on the Bloom-Root song, BuzzFeed’s Jarett Wieselman tweeted that La La Land lyricists Benj Pasek and Justin Paul also contributed to the crossover episode. Their song, “Runnin’,” will be performed by The Flash star Grant Gustin, and The A.V. Club’s expert in these matters suggests that The Fastest Man Alive could very well help Pasek and Paul EGOT in the span of a single year, should “Runnin’” catch the ear of the Television Academy. The duo is nominated twice for Best Original Song at the 89th Academy Awards, their Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen is an early Tony favorite, and either the La La Land soundtrack or the Dear Evan Hansen cast album could be up for a Grammy.

The crossover takes place in the Flash episode “Duet,” which airs on Tuesday, March 21, and will be set up by the March 20 episode of Supergirl. Darren Criss will conduct the all-singing, all-dancing mayhem in the role of Music Meister, reuniting the actor with the Glee alums who play the titular heroes of Supergirl and The Flash. The crossover will also reunite Legends Of Tomorrow star and one-time singing Jesus Victor Garber with shirts bearing the symbol of the House of El.