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Rachel Bilson has booked a new gig on Nashville

Hart Of Dixie (Photo: The CW)

This post references a weeks old plot point in Nashville. If you care but have not gotten around to watching the episode that is your fault, but still beware.

With the death of Rayna James, Connie Britton has moved on from Nashville and is doing exciting, probably creatively fulfilling things like making a Nicole Holofcener movie. But the country music drama is still chugging along, and has recently recruited two veterans of other noteworthy TV shows to join its ranks. Rachel Bilson—late of Hart Of Dixie but forever of The O.C. in our hearts—has taken on an unknown role as has Kailtin Doubleday of Empire fame. “We welcome Rachel and Kaitlin into our incredibly talented ensemble,” showrunner Marshall Herskovitz said, according to Deadline. “We fondly anticipate the second half of the season filled with surprising twists and turns that make Nashville so beloved by the fans.” Both Bilson and Doubleday teased their appearances with Instagram posts of the series’ locales.


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