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(Screengrab: Drone Star Wars)

R2-D2 is the best character in the Star Wars universe. Without him the entire story would crumble (think about it). So it’s nice to see him get his own epic battle scene in this short by Corridor Digital (a special effects outfit out of L.A.) and Rotor Riot (a YouTube show about drones). With drones, toys, practical and special effects, and a clear deep love of Star Wars, they created an astonishingly great battle scene in which R2-D2 pilots an X-wing to take on three TIE Fighters.

The shooting, crashes, and R2-D2 reaction shots comes straight from the film franchise; it feels perfectly choreographed and edited, down to the iconic Star Wars score. Obviously, a ton of thought and work went into creating something so impressive; you can see the pain and care in this making-of video, in which you see the team testing drones, creating digital effects, and hunting for drones that crash down. It shows what an insane amount of work went into their “Drone Star Wars” video.

[via i09]


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