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R. Kelly's much-anticipated autobiography, Soulacoaster: The Diary Of Me, gets a release date

Illustration for article titled R. Kellys much-anticipated autobiography, emSoulacoaster: The Diary Of Me/em, gets a release date

R. Kelly’s long-awaited autobiography finally has a release date—and it’s really soon. Soulacoaster: The Diary Of Me is due out June 28 and promises to explore the singer’s “meteoric rises and sudden falls,” like the disorder that prevented him from learning to read or write and, presumably, that whole legal kerfuffle where he got himself into hot, yellow water. SmileyBooks, the publisher, puts it this way: “Now back at the top, Kelly recounts the surprising twists and turns that have taken him to new heights of maturity and artistry. Part memoir, part keepsake, Soulacoaster unlocks the door to R. Kelly’s story as only he can tell it, promising his fans an intimate and unforgettable ride.”


Much like Trapped In The Closet, the book is divided into acts. First up is the tale of the singer’s early life on the South Side of Chicago. Second is Kelly’s struggle to make it as a working musician, and third, more personal strife—like the end of his marriage and that tumultuous tour he did with Jay-Z a few years back,

The book is being issued around the same time as Write Me Back, Kelly’s new '70s and '80s soul-tinged record debuting June 26.

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