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R. Kelly trial underway

Nearly six years after R. Kelly was indicted on 14 counts of producing child pornography–stemming from a videotape that allegedly shows him engaging in sex acts with a woman who could have been as young as 13 at the time–his trial has begun. Jury selection was held last week, but opening statements for the R&B; singer's trial began this morning, and the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the videotape in question could be shown in court as early as this afternoon.

Both the prosecution and the defense fought to bar the video from being shown in court, but Judge Vincent Gaughan denied those requests last year, saying he could not find an "overarching interest" in keeping the tape from the press and public. As the alleged victim has denied being in the video, Gaughan says there is essentially no victim to protect by not showing the tape. It will be the first legal, uncensored airing of the video.


R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty.

Chicagotribune.com has ongoing updates on the trial.

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