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R. Kelly debuted the next 18 chapters of his Ridiculousness 'n' Blues opera Trapped In The Closet in New York last night ahead of its Friday premiere on IFC, and—as he recently hinted—he revealed that he has no plans of fixing that dripping faucet anytime, promising the audience another "85 chapters sitting in the studio, waiting for you guys." How can he possibly generate that many layers to this story, besides just having everyone sleep with each other and throwing in a midget whenever things get boring? Because R. Kelly is also a mere passenger on this crazy ride: "Trapped In The Closet is an alien," Kelly said while reportedly cradling a cigar in his red leather gloves. "I'm glad to be one of the astronauts to take this trip to a place unknown." One of the places he may be riding that alien in a metaphorical way that only becomes more awkward the longer you think about it is all the way to Broadway, with Kelly saying he'd "just got an offer" to turn Trapped into a stage show. "It'll be like Joseph And The Technicolor Dreamcoat but with more stuttering pimps," R. Kelly did not say, but should have. [via Gawker]


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