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R. Kelly is not performing at Trump’s inauguration, R. Kelly reports

R. Kelly has issued a statement that he will not be performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration—a statement that, despite the unlikelihood of that happening anyway, was apparently necessitated by “rumors circulating online.” Kelly made a subtle allusion to the source of those rumors in the message posted to his Twitter account, which was printed on a yellow (some might say “golden”) background:


As Vanity Fair explains for anyone who hasn’t been following the news cycle this week, the rumors were part of the gush of jokes made in the wake of the unverified, yet undeniably memorable report that Trump once hired Russian prostitutes to pee on a hotel bed where Barack and Michelle Obama had once slept. R. Kelly, as Dave Chappelle once immortalized, has his own association with “golden showers” because of a 2002 video that allegedly showed him urinating in the mouth of an underage girl—something that R. Kelly, it seems, would rather remind everyone of than have them think he has anything to do with Donald Trump.

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