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R.I.P. Roger, the extremely buff kangaroo

Like this but ripped
Photo: Luis Ascui (Getty Images)

There’s some tragic news for the collective internet today, as one of its favorite meme animals has died following a lifetime of being super ripped. The animal in question is, unfortunately, the extremely muscular kangaroo named Roger that you’ve probably seen on Twitter alongside a funny caption like “look at this buff boy” or “feeling cute, might delete later.” The kangaroo sanctuary in Australia where Roger lived—aptly named The Kangaroo Sanctuary—posted a statement about his untimely death on social media, sharing the final picture ever taken of him as he was “relaxing before a big feed.” (Truly the way any of us would like to be photographed for the last time.)

Roger was 12 and “passed away of old age” according to the post.


As noted by Mashable, Roger was found orphaned in 2007 and lived in the sanctuary ever since. He eventually grew to nearly seven-feet tall, and though he used to spend his time fighting other kangaroos with his impressive muscles, he “retired” in recent years—probably so he could train a new generation of fighting kangaroos, if the arc of Rocky Balboa is anything to go by. We hope that’s the cast at least, since The Kangaroo Sanctuary has now lost its most powerful protector. Tons of weird animals live in Australia, and it would be awful if some big spider marched in and took over the place in Roger’s absence. Anyway, here’s Elton John performing “Candle In The Wind” in Australia from 1986.

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