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R.I.P. rapper Chynna Rogers

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Photo: Nicholas Rhodes (Getty Images)

Chynna Rogers has died. A well-known rising star on the rap scene, championed by numerous prominent artists—including the A$AP Mob collective—Rogers had a distinctive, brooding, relentlessly fast-paced style that helped her to stand out from the crowd. She was 25.

Starting out as a model in her teenage years, Rogers eventually connected with A$AP Yams, who encouraged her to pursue her musical career. A string of well-received singles followed, including the smoother “Selfie” and the absolutely blistering “Glen Coco.” At the same time, Rogers developed a reputation for candor, talking about her experiences with drug addiction—spurred on by Yams’ own death of an overdose in 2015. In a 2018 interview with Pitchfork, the young Philadelphian talked openly about her issues with depression and her anger at the world, joking that, “If you’re not depressed right now, you might be getting high.” 

Although she never cut a full album of her own, Rogers continued to make her presence known in the world of music, releasing EPs on a regular schedule and clearly honing her craft. Her most recent project, released last year, was the four-track In Case I Die First.

Her management confirmed her death earlier tonight.