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R.I.P. Mary Carver, actress from Simon & Simon and Gunsmoke

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Veteran character actor Mary Carver passed away on October 18 after a brief illness. She was 89. Over the course of her 62-year career onscreen, Carver had small roles in more than 50 films and television programs, including Gunsmoke (on which she played four separate characters over a span of seven years), The Twilight Zone, Head Of The Class, and Star Trek: Enterprise, where she played a Terra Nova colonist who’d forgotten her human past. However, Carver was best known for her role as Cecilia Simon, mother to the mismatched private detectives played by Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker on Simon & Simon, where she starred in 153 episodes over the show’s eight-season run from 1981 to 1989. (Megan Mullally played her in the shot-for-shot remake of the show’s opening credits in Adam Scott’s The Greatest Event in Television History.) On the big screen, Carver was seen in movies such as the Goldie Hawn comedy Protocol, Arachnophobia, and Todd Haynes’ Safe. Her final major TV appearance was on an episode of ER in 2002.

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