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Rolling Stone is reporting that Leonard Cohen has died. The news was posted on Cohen’s Facebook page by his label, Sony Music Canada, along with a notice that a memorial service would be held in L.A. at some future date.


A poet, novelist, and celebrated singer and songwriter, it would be difficult, if not pointless, to try to summarize Cohen’s life and career by cherry-picking a few of his most notable songs. He released his 14th studio album, You Want It Darker, last month to warm reviews, and recently made a statement to the New Yorker that he was “ready to die,” after several years of failing health.

We’ll have a longer remembrance up some time soon. (UPDATE: Here it is.) For now, here’s a live performance of “Suzanne,” recorded in 2008, for us to listen to while reflecting on what a truly shitty 2016 it’s turned out to be.

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