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R.I.P. Leo The Cat, a.k.a. Pet Sematary's Church

Leo, at work
Photo: Kerry Hayes (Paramount)

Bad news for cat fans today—and also just anybody who’s iffy on the prospect of feline revenants roaming the countryside, going ham on infernal catnip: Leo the cat, one of four feline actors who portrayed family pet Church in the recent Pet Semetary remake, has died. Per The Wrap, his recent adopter, trainer Kirk Jarrett, announced the news on Instagram yesterday.


Maine Coon Leo was literally the poster boy for Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer’s Stephen King adaptation, playing the undead version of Church that glowered from the film’s various promotional materials. Freed from the make-up, though, he was what can only be described as an adorable, sweet-looking floof boy—this is a technical term, employed by internet professionals—whose passing will be mourned. (But not, we should caution, so mourned that anyone should attempt to subvert the natural order by bringing him back, thus kicking off a cycle of obsessive grief that damns all involved.)


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