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R.I.P. K-pop star Sulli

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Sulli, the courageously outspoken South Korean pop star and former member of girl group f(x), has died. Per CNN News, Sulli was found unresponsive on the second floor of her Seongnam home by her manager on Monday afternoon, local time. While there is not a confirmed cause of death as of yet, police officials note ahead of the pending investigation that she appears to have died by suicide. She was 25 years old.

Sulli, whose real name was Jin-ri Choi, was a young actress before her 2009 debut with the band f(x), a female K-pop group that shirked norms with their experimental sound and unique gender expression. After leaving the group in 2015 to pursue her acting career, she became well known for her outspoken nature and promoting autonomy over one’s own image. Her stance on body image—specifically, her belief that women should have control over how they display their bodies—garnered substantial online abuse, which she has both detailed and spoken out against publicly. The star recently appeared on a television program where fellow K-pop stars discussed their experiences with cyberbullying.

Throughout her career, Sulli appeared in a number of Korean films and dramas, including Fashion King, Ballad of Seodong, and a leading role in To The Beautiful You. Over the summer she released a single titled “Goblin.” Some fellow acts, including fellow SM Entertainment SuperM and former group mate Amber Liu, have canceled upcoming appearances and promotions out of respect for the singer.

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