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R.I.P. Henry Bromell, Homeland writer and producer

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Entertainment Weekly has confirmed the death of TV writer and producer Henry Bromell, who died of a heart attack at the age of 65. Bromell was a short-story writer and novelist who broke into television with his work on Northern Exposure, eventually moving on to be a writer and producer on dramas like I’ll Fly Away, Homicide: Life On The Street, Carnivale, Chicago Hope, Brotherhood, and Rubicon. In 2011, Bromell joined Showtime’s Homeland as an executive producer, writing four of the series’ episodes (including pivotal chapters “Q&A” and “Broken Hearts”), and sharing in the show’s Emmy win last year.


In addition to his TV work, Bromell authored several books, including the Los Angeles Times Book Prize-nominated Little America, and wrote and directed the William H. Macy-starring crime comedy Panic, as well as Last Call, a TV movie that starred Jeremy Irons as F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Probably coincidentally, both of these films co-starred Neve Campbell.) At the time of his death, Bromell was set to reunite with Macy on Fellini Black And White, a movie about Federico Fellini’s visit to 1958 Los Angeles for the Academy Awards and his encounters with the jazz scene there. It was expected to begin shooting early this year.

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