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R.I.P. Guitar Hero

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Confirming earlier reports from Eurogamer, Activision has announced that has ended its Guitar Hero series and discontinued development on the Guitar Hero game that was slated for 2011. In recent years, the title had seen a noticeable slip in sales, facing stiff competition from Rock Band and also receiving criticism for being too slow to adapt both downloadable content and music that was not heavy metal. (Then there was that whole messy business where it made poor dead Kurt Cobain sing Elton John and Kings Of Leon songs.) Anyway, Activision cites “continued declines in the music genre” in its decision to cut Guitar Hero as well as downsize Freestyle Games, the studio behind spinoff DJ Hero, but it’s also scrapping plans for True Crime: Hong Kong in order to further its true initiative: concentrating solely on building the Call Of Duty and World Of Warcraft franchises. Good night, Guitar Hero. Your contributions to the sport of pushing-colored-buttons-in-time-to-Metallica-songs will not be soon forgotten.

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