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R.I.P. Designing Women’s Meshach Taylor

CNN has confirmed that actor Meshach Taylor died on Saturday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 67.

Taylor got his start acting in films with 1978’s Damien: Omen II as Dr. Kane, but he spent the vast majority of his career popping up in countless TV shows, from The Golden Girls, to Alf, to Hannah Montana, and even a pair of recent appearances on Criminal Minds. That success aside, though, he was certainly most recognized as either assistant Anthony Bouvier on Designing Women—a role that earned him an Emmy nomination—or as Hollywood Montrose, the window dresser from the Mannequin movies.


Dede Binder, Taylor’s longtime agent, told Deadline that, “he was wonderful spirit full of life…I know when people think of him, they smile.” Deadline also points out that he was an activist and a strong supporter of LGBT rights.

Taylor had been suffering from a terminal illness recently, and had taken a turn for the worse over the last few days. He was reportedly surrounded by his family when he died, and they released a statement referring to him as “darling, amazingly brilliant and dynamic,” as well as an “incredible father, husband, son and friend.”

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